Our first cache: Place where Napoleon's soldiers rest in peace

Yes, it's here! Our first multi-cache was published.

Cache has name "Tam kde spi Napoleonovi vojaci". It is Multi-cache which is localized to the center and near by Nové Včelnice. Short info about cache:

This Cache will lead you to the pleace where rest in peace around 1000 Napoleon's soldiers. They died in lazaret between years 1813 and 1814. This lazaret was situated in castle of Nova Vcelnice.

Through the path to final place you see church "Nanebevzetí Panny Marie", dilapidated castle which had been in Napoleon's time used as lazaret.

Picture.1: Napoleon's retreat from Moscow (Adolf Northern)

Dead soldiers had been burying at place near by final location of cache.

Picture.2: Burying ground

Listing is interlard with period story. Listing is available here.

published / 12. December 2009, 17:30
author / Martin Kantor